<![CDATA[Sarah Riedel Puckett Artwork - The Gift Project]]>Sat, 14 Nov 2015 18:21:27 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[The Days Are Numbered]]>Tue, 10 Jul 2012 19:19:37 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/the-days-are-numberedLiterally, I numbered my last year of time. In the middle of March, my husband and I bought a house. Ever since this event, life has gone a little crazy, and my daily art-making has slowed. I have told myself through the end of the school year that I would catch up, but that would mean over 100 artworks this summer. Knowing myself, I could and would do this, but the meaning would be absent, and I would be doing it to reach a numeric goal versus the heart behind this project--to give. I would change the desire adn heart behind it to something that I am obligated and bound to. It is not worth the price.

Over the past few months I have continued to make artwork, but I have made larger pieces for people that have taken more time than just a single day. I will post those when I get my brain around to it. I will post all other artworks to my normal gallery page for 2012.

So, thank you for your following, your patience and your grace. I am amending this project to "222 Days of The Gift Project"....not a year... to save my sanity and my love for making artwork for others.
You never know, you may still get a surprise in the mail.

<![CDATA[Day 222]]>Fri, 09 Mar 2012 19:52:54 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-222 ]]><![CDATA[Day 221]]>Thu, 08 Mar 2012 19:51:59 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-221 ]]><![CDATA[Day 220]]>Wed, 07 Mar 2012 19:50:49 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-220 ]]><![CDATA[Day 219]]>Tue, 06 Mar 2012 19:49:55 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-219 ]]><![CDATA[Day 218]]>Mon, 05 Mar 2012 19:48:58 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-218 ]]><![CDATA[Day 217]]>Sun, 04 Mar 2012 19:48:13 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-217 ]]><![CDATA[Day 216]]>Sat, 03 Mar 2012 19:46:33 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-216 ]]><![CDATA[Day 215]]>Fri, 02 Mar 2012 19:45:44 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-215 ]]><![CDATA[Day 214]]>Thu, 01 Mar 2012 19:44:53 GMThttp://sarahpuckett.weebly.com/the-gift-project/day-214
A gift for a nursing program in the area of Florence Nightingale.